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Benavony is a village and commune in the district of Ambanja. The village is located along the Sambirano River.

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Location: 7km from Ambanja on the Andoharano road (to the source of the river).

History: This village has not always been there where it is today. In 1940, it was devastated by a cyclone called Manoto (to collide). The current village is better than the old, according to a Malagasy proverb: Benavonynafindratsaratsaran'nyteo or Benavony moved to a better place than before.

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Population: Roughly 1,000 people, most of whom are farmers, particularly of rice, cocoa and coffee.

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GPS coordinates
Google: 13°42'30.9"S 48°29'07.6"E
Garmin: -13.708580, 48.485444


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