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Fizono (also called Fizoana) is a very small Betsimisaraka village located on the Masoala peninsula in the east of Madagascar. As there are no roads on the peninsula, the village can be reached only by foot. From Maroantsetra it takes about 1,5 hours by pirogue and thereafter 5-6 hours by foot, depending on the physical fitness and pace.

Welcome to Fizono!

Fizono is surrounded by large green rice fields. There is no electricity or running water available in the village. A river in the valley behind the village is used for washing and bathing. The village itself offers various basic hotels with rooms to rent and several shops stocked with only the most essential goods.

Locals crossing rice field
Rice teracces around Fizono
Farmer working on rice field
Sugar cane juice press
Room for rent
School class with teacher
River behind the village
Small stream near Fizono
Last house of the village
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Geographic coordinates
15.343583S 49.948050E

Hotel Vanesa
Rooms, food and drinks


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