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Florenilla is a producer of vanilla and other natural products from Madagascar mixed with vanilla, all of which are cultivated without the use of artificial fertilisers and conservation methods according to traditional Malagasy farming and preparation methods.

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In cooperation with small-scale farmers in rural parts of the Northeast of Madagascar, Florenilla manages the cultivation and preparation of different grades of vanilla beans. Its main product range includes gourmet vanilla beans, vanilla cuts and splits as well as vanilla powders used for flavouring pastries and as ingredients in confectioneries, cookies, ice-creams, beverages as well as non-food products where the use of natural vanilla can enhance the quality of the products, such as soaps, perfumes and cosmetics.

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Single-origin organic cane sugar from the island of Nosy Be in north Madagascar is used in Florenilla's classic Madagascar vanilla sugar. The only other ingredient is natural organic vanilla.

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Florenilla's tea is the Sambahavy green tea variety from Madagascar's highlands combined with cuts of vanilla beans from the northeast coastal regions of the island. Other unique Florenilla products include its powder mixes, such as vanilla cacao, vanilla cinnamon, vanilla cola, vanilla baobab and vanilla coffee.

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Florenilla offer two distinct pure vanilla powders, one made from Planifolia, also known as Bourbon or Madagascan vanilla and another from the Mexican Pompona variety that is cultivated in Madagascar in smaller quantities than Planifolia. In terms of taste and aroma, the Pompona powder is sweeter than the Planifolia powder while the Planifolia powder is more as the classic Madagascar vanilla bean it is made from.

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Florenilla is primarily a wholesaler and export operator and its products are available in bulk volumes which are usually rebranded and repackaged by retailers or distributors and sold in gourmet stores under different biological retail brands.

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Florenilla's product range is available for export worldwide and can also be resold by importers directly under the Florenilla brand.

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For further information, contact Ms Joséphine Rasoarimanana at josephine@florenilla.com or phone +261 34 27 222 02.

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Website: florenilla.com