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There are eight La Chocolatière boutiques throughout Madagascar which sell Chocolaterie Robert's pralines and other chocolate based products made at the Robert factory in Antananarivo. Four of these boutiques are located in the Antananarivo area, counting one within the Duty Free Zone of Ivato International Airport.

La Chocolatiere 001.jpg

La Chocolatière, Factory outlet, Antananarivo

La Chocolatière at the factory is approximately three kilometres from Antananarivo city centre. Open from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 5.30pm. Closed on Sundays.

Chocolaterie Robert 061.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 071.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 069.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 070.jpg

472 boulevard Ratsimandrava, Soanierana
Tel: +261 20 22 205 65

Google Maps:,47.521267
Google Earth long/lat: 18° 55’ 59.74"S / 47° 31’ 16.56"E

La Chocolatière, Santa building, Antananarivo

Roberts first boutique can be found a short distance from the Soarano Train Station and Independence Avenue in central Antananarivo. Open Monday to Saturday between 10am and 7pm and on Sundays between 9am and 2pm.

Chocolaterie Robert 062.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 084.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 085.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 086.jpg

Lot IVG 204, Immeuble Santa Antanimena
Tel. +261 20 22 296 42 / +261 34 07 201 74 (GSM)

Google Maps:,47.521067
Google Earth long/lat: 18° 53’ 57.07"S / 47° 31’ 15.84"E

La Chocolatière, Isoraka, Antananarivo

Robert's most centrally located boutique can be found at the ground floor of Tana Hotel in the Isoraka district, a short walk from the Presidential Palace and Hotel Colbert. Open Monday to Saturday between 9.30am and 6.30pm and Sundays between 9am and 2pm.

Chocolaterie Robert 063.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 087.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 089.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 088.jpg

Lalana Rabehevitra (next to Tana Hotel entrance)
Antaninarenina (Isoraka)
Tel: +261 32 11 205 83

Google Maps:,47.524228
Google Earth long/lat: -18° 54’ 37.42" / +47° 31’ 27.22"

La Chocolatière, Tamatave

Boulevard Joffre
Tel: +261 34 07 205 68 (cellphone)

Google Maps:,49.415717
Google Earth long/lat: 18° 09’ 21.09"S / 49° 24’ 57.10"E

La Chocolatière, Antsirabe

Located within the Arotel building in Antsirabe and if travelling south, this is the last boutique where Robert's pralines can be bought. The boutique is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm.

Chocolaterie Robert 064.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 079.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 082.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 080.jpg

Immeuble Arotel, Avenue de l'Indépendance

Tel: +261 34 01 259 51 (mobile)

Google Maps:,47.036231
Google Earth long/lat: 19° 51’ 59.79"S / 47° 02’ 10.33"E

La Chocolatière, Diego Suarez

Madagascar's northernmost Robert boutique is located in the centre of Diego Suarez, just across Foch Square by the Town Hall. The boutique is open Monday to Saturday between 10am and 5pm, and as all businesses in this sleepy port town, it is closed for a lunch break between 1pm and 3pm.

Chocolaterie Robert 065.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 075.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 078.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 076.jpg

Immeuble Libertalia
Rue Foch

Tel: +261 320 331173

Google Maps:,49.291619
Google Earth long/lat: 12° 16’ 42.51"S / 49° 17’ 29.92"E

La Chocolatière, Ivato International Airport, Antananarivo

When leaving the country, La Chocolatière in the duty free zone at Ivato International Airport offers the last opportunity to bring a taste of Madagascar out of the country, although as with most airport tax free zones, prices are considerably higher here than those in the same boutiques in the city. The airport boutique is open at the time of all international flight departures.

Chocolaterie Robert 066.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 091.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 093.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 092.jpg

Duty Free Zone
Ivato International Airport

Tel: +261 20 24 115 31

Google Maps:,47.475346
Google Earth long/lat: 18° 47’ 57.56"S / 47° 28’ 31.25"E

La Chocolatière, Nosy Be

The boutique on Nosy Be can be found close to the harbour of Hell-Ville in the colonial style building next to the tour operator Libertalia Aventure. The opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am until 6pm.

Chocolaterie Robert 067.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 073.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 072.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 074.jpg

Rue de Passot
Andoany (Hell-Ville)
Nosy Be
Tel: +261 34 74 588 08 (GSM)

Google Maps:,48.276253
Google Earth long/lat: 13° 24’ 23.21"S / 48° 16’ 34.51"E


A complete range of the Chocolat Madagascar export brand as well as a small range of Robert's locally branded bars can be found at Atelier C in Paris.

Chocolaterie Robert 165.jpg
Chocolaterie Robert 151.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 152.jpg Chocolaterie Robert 160.jpg

Atelier C
123 Avenue Daumesnil
« Le viaduct des arts »
75012 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)6 76536337


Google Maps:,2.380908
Google Earth long/lat: 48°50'41.5"N 2°22'51.4"E