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Le Rossini is a world-class restaurant occupying a two-storey building in the Isoraka district of Antananarivo. The restaurant serves traditional French cuisine prepared with fresh Malagasy ingredients. Guests can either sit in the bar area or in the more elegant dining room. Those wishing to have some privacy or to celebrate an event can reserve one of the separate dining rooms on the upper floor. Throughout the warmer months the terrace on the top floor is open.

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For starter, try a Whole foie gras semi-cooked or Zébu carpaccio with pink pepper. As main course, either a delicious Tournedos of Zébu with Béarnaise sauce or Escalope of chicken with vanilla sauce will fail to disappoint. The staff happily helps you to find a suitable wine to your meal from the extensive wine card. For desert, why not indulge yourself in a Mille-feuille with vanilla from Madagascar and thereafter enjoy a cigar in the bar lounge with a Congac Camus Napoléon?

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All the staff are very friendly and service minded and will usually sweeten your bill with a rhum arrangé of your choice on the house. Usually on weekends a local band plays live well-known classical hits in a relaxed jazz-like interpretation.

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Salad "Le Rossini" (stripes of duck and gesier confit - duck breast - foie gras)     20,500 Ariary
Rustic Salad (diced bacon, garlic croutons and poached egg)     19,000 Ariary
Salad with warm goat cheese and smoked duck breast     19,000 Ariary
Seafood cascade (fish, shrimps, calamari marinated in lemon)     19,000 Ariary
Crab flakes salad with dill (fresh crab from Majunga, lemon, olive oil)     20,000 Ariary
Breaded Camembert salad with confiture     19,000 Ariary
Fried calamari salad with parsley     19,500 Ariary
Mix of tomatoes, crottin de chèvre (small goat milk's cheese) served lukewarm with pesto     19,500 Ariary
Tomato mozzarella salad with pesto sauce     18,500 Ariary

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Cold Starters
Whole foie gras semi-cooked     21,500 Ariary
Ham of breast duck     19,000 Ariary
Zébu carpaccio with pink pepper     19,500 Ariary
Mix of shrimps in cocktail sauce     19,000 Ariary
Raw fish marinated with green pepper (depending on availability)     19,000 Ariary
Trilogy of fish carpaccio with ginger and balsamic vinegar     20,500 Ariary
Tartare from the fish of the day     22,000 Ariary

Warm Starters
Fish soup with garlic croutons and rouille     18,500 Ariary
Calamari Provencale     20,000 Ariary
Grab gratin with lemongrass     21,000 Ariary
Fisherman crisp (puff pastry filled with a seafood cocktail)     20,500 Ariary
Puff pastry Landais (gesier and stripes of duck confit)     20,500 Ariary
Fried shrimps with garlic     19,000 Ariary
Shrimp ravioli with two sauces     20,500 Ariary
Cheese ravioli     20,500 Ariary
Snails Provencale (depending on availability)     20,000 Ariary
Fried breaded calamari     19,500 Ariary
Frog legs Provencale (depending on availability)     20,000 Ariary
Fricassee of poultry liver in balsamic vinegar     19,000 Ariary

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Cooking à la Plancha (Grilled on a metal plate)
Calamaris     24,000 Ariary
Shrimps     24,000 Ariary
Escalope of grouper     24,000 Ariary
Mix of shrimps, calamaris, grouper     24,000 Ariary
Poultry stripes (served with a fricassee of zucchini, egg plant, pepper, mushrooms à la Plancha)     24,000 Ariary

Pasta Carbonara     22,000 Ariary
Pasta with seafood     22,000 Ariary
Pasta with duck breast     23,500 Ariary
Pasta with Roquefort duck ham     22,000 Ariary
Homemade zebu lasagne     22,000 Ariary
Pasta with zebu meatballs     22,000 Ariary

Ask for our homemade foie gras jars (depending on availability)

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Excellent cheese crusted grouper     24,000 Ariary
Duo of shrimps and calamaris with saffron     24,000 Ariary
Tilapia fillet with lukewarm basil vinaigrette     24,000 Ariary
Fish fillet à la Meunière     24,000 Ariary
Grouper fillet in sorrel cream     24,000 Ariary
Grouper fricassee with combava     24,000 Ariary
Escalope of grouper with vanilla sauce     24,000 Ariary
Grouper fillet Milanese with pasta and basil     24,000 Ariary
Tuna tournedos with sesame seeds (semi-cooked) (Japanese Style - depending on availability)     24,000 Ariary
Grouper with tapenade     24,000 Ariary

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Le Rossini 041.jpg Le Rossini 019.jpg Le Rossini 026.jpg

Horse steak (from the fillet)     23,000 Ariary
Zebu tartare à la "Rossini"     25,500 Ariary
Tournedos of zebu with Béarnaise sauce     24,000 Ariary
Braised beef spiced with garlic     24,000 Ariary
Tournedos "Rossini" (extra raw or raw)     27,500 Ariary
Zébu medaillon "Rossini" (medium or well done)     27,500 Ariary
Fillet steak with green pepper or mustard or shallot or herb butter or à la bordelaise     22,500 Ariary
Tournedos Roquefort (extra rare or rare)     25,500 Ariary
Fillet steak Roquefort (medium or well done)     25,500 Ariary
Duck breast with honey and ginger     25,000 Ariary
Duck breast with fruits of the season     25,000 Ariary
Duck confit with fried potatoes     23,500 Ariary
Giblets à la "Rossini"     22,000 Ariary
Escalope of turkey with mushrooms     24,500 Ariary
Braised meat     22,000 Ariary
Cassoulet Landais "Rossini"     27,500 Ariary
Slices of chicken with tarragon cream     24,000 Ariary
Escalope of chicken with vanilla sauce     24,500 Ariary
Escalope of chicken breaded with cheese     24,000 Ariary
Sauteéd chicken with basil and pepper, fresh tagliatelle     23,500 Ariary

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Malagasy Specialty
Romazava Royal (chicken, beef. 5 types of vegetables, rougail)     20,500 Ariary
Sausage with lentils     22,500 Ariary
Zebu tounge     22,000 Ariary

Grilled - Brochettes
Grilled duck breast     23,000 Ariary
Grilled tournedos     23,000 Ariary
Zebu brochette     23,000 Ariary
Duck breast brochette     23,500 Ariary
Chicken brochette     23,000 Ariary
Large prawns brochette     26,000 Ariary
Calamari brochette     23,000 Ariary
Fish brochette     23,000 Ariary

All our dishes are served with assorted toppings of the day

Mille-feuille with vanilla from Madagascar     12,500 Ariary
Ile flottante (Floating island) with caramel and honey     11,500 Ariary
Melting nougat ice cream     11,500 Ariary
Chocolate profiteroles     11,500 Ariary
Puff pastry with fruits of the season, flambéed     11,500 Ariary
Fresh fruit brochette, flambéed     11,500 Ariary
Platter with fresh fruits of the season     11,500 Ariary
Crème brûlée     11,500 Ariary
Colonel - lemon sorbet with vodka     11,500 Ariary
Italian ice cream with flavour of the day     11,500 Ariary
Ice coffee or ice chocolate     11,500 Ariary
Vacherin - cow milk's cheese à la "Rossini"     12,500 Ariary
Baked Alaska (Norwegian omelette) à la "Rossini"     13,500 Ariary
Chocolate fondant - molten chocolate babycake     12,500 Ariary
Chocolate of Madagascar escapade     13,000 Ariary
Caramelised banana or banana flambéed     11,000 Ariary
Mousse au chocolat     12,500 Ariary
Reverse cream à la vanille     11,500 Ariary
French toast with a glass of crème anglaise     11,500 Ariary

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Le Rossini
Lot IB 79 Isoraka
Antananarivo 101

Tel.: +261 (0)20 22342 44
Email: lerossini@moov.mg / legrand@moov.mg

Opening times: 10am to 2pm and 6pm until midnight.

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