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This is an automatically updated list of news articles via Google News:

Reporters - Starving in silence in Madagascar - FRANCE 24
14-May-2021 11:42
Southern Madagascar at risk of famine amid worst drought in 40 years - Climate Home - Climate Home
13-May-2021 12:06
'Extinct Fossil Fish' Dating Back 420 Million Years Found Alive in Madagascar - Newsweek
14-May-2021 19:19
Southern Madagascar: Government and UN sound the alarm on famine risk, urge action - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
11-May-2021 14:40
GEAR Students prepare for production of "Madagascar" | Local News | - Moultrie Observer
14-May-2021 17:27
A Madagascar-sized area of forest has regrown since 2000 An area of forest larger than -
12-May-2021 00:20
Easing Routine Vaccination during COVID-19 in Madagascar - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
12-May-2021 10:51
UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva - Madagascar crisis, Africa COVID alert, US lifts vaccine protections, South Sudan schools reopen - UN News
06-May-2021 07:00
Famine – The Worst Drought In 40 Years Threatens People In Madagascar - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
10-May-2021 00:00
UN Reports Acute Food Insecurity in Southern Madagascar - Voice of America
08-May-2021 15:33
Madagascar edges toward famine, UN food agency appeals for assistance - UN News
29-Apr-2021 07:00
New species of pelomedusoid turtle found in Madagascar -
05-May-2021 07:00
New Turtle Discovered From the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar - SciTechDaily
10-May-2021 22:31
Madagascar: COVID-19 vaccine restores hope amid pandemic second wave - Africanews English
11-May-2021 16:13
At least 1m people facing starvation as Madagascar’s drought worsens - The Guardian
10-May-2021 05:00
WFP Madagascar: 2020 Annual Country Report Highlights - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
10-May-2021 10:05
Looming Madagascar Famine Sparks Nutrition Emergency - Voice of America
30-Apr-2021 07:00
Famine 'tightens grip' on southern Madagascar: UN - Global Times
12-May-2021 11:08
First Person: 'Youth won't stay silent' says Madagascar climate activist - UN News
22-Apr-2021 07:00
MSF responds to a nutritional crisis in southern Madagascar - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
30-Apr-2021 07:00
GIEWS Country Brief: Madagascar 06-May-2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
06-May-2021 07:00
United States Congratulates Madagascar on Arrival of First COVID-19 Vaccines - US Embassy in Madagascar
08-May-2021 09:11
Madagascar - Grand Sud Humanitarian Key Messages - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
07-May-2021 10:58
Madagascar starts Covid-19 vaccinations after surge in cases - Africanews English
10-May-2021 12:11
UN sounds alarm over dangerous famine threat in Madagascar - FRANCE 24 English
01-May-2021 07:00
MoBot's Conservation Work In Madagascar Hopes To Combat Deforestation Woes - St. Louis Public Radio
22-Apr-2021 07:00
CORRECTED: Holberton partners with SAYNA in Madagascar - GlobeNewswire
22-Apr-2021 07:00
Africa's drought crisis: Zimbabwe seeks solutions, Madagascar edges toward famine - DW (English)
07-May-2021 15:33
Hunger worsens in Madagascar – The Manila Times - The Manila Times
13-May-2021 16:01
A new pelomedusoid turtle from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar discovered - EurekAlert
05-May-2021 07:00
Nicolas Dupuis: Madagascar coach suspended - BBC News
30-Apr-2021 07:00
MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Government of Madagascar, IFC, Local Insurers Partner on Agricultural Insurance, Seeking to Lower Risk of Lending to Farmers - MicroCapital
14-May-2021 16:31