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This is an automatically updated list of news articles via Google News:

Madagascar Battling 'Climate Change Famine' According To UN - The Organization for World Peace
18-Oct-2021 21:29
Madagascar prays for rain as U.N. warns of 'climate change famine' - Reuters
11-Oct-2021 15:41
Air Madagascar placed under court restructuring | News | Flight Global - Flightglobal
18-Oct-2021 16:06
Madagascar Farmers Struggle Against Record Drought, Famine - Voice of America
13-Oct-2021 13:16
WFP Madagascar Country Brief, August 2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
28-Sep-2021 07:00
Reforestation programme is under way in Madagascar - Africanews English
12-Oct-2021 19:27
Marion Palace Theater is set for Madagascar to take the stage this weekend - Marion Star
07-Oct-2021 07:00
Lutheran communion solidarity for Madagascar's drought-hit south - The Lutheran World Federation
12-Oct-2021 08:03
Madagascar: How sex workers are getting the short end of the stick - The Africa Report
08-Oct-2021 07:00
Madagascar Signs a Country Programme Framework (CPF) for 2021–2026 - International Atomic Energy Agency
07-Oct-2021 10:52
Madagascar fights for sovereignty amid Chinese debt-trap diplomacy - Economic Times
15-Oct-2021 05:44
Madagascar Key Message Update: Poor production across the south driving above-average migration to northern and western areas, September 2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
30-Sep-2021 07:00
Disease outbreak news: Plague - Madagascar (1 October 2021) - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
01-Oct-2021 07:00
Air Madagascar turns to ACMI capacity amid restructuring - ch-aviation
18-Oct-2021 16:30
Madagascar: Food Insecurity - Final Report, DREF n° MDRMG017 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
19-Sep-2021 07:00
Chocolatier Protecting Madagascar's Lemurs Eyes Carbon Credits - Bloomberg
25-Sep-2021 07:00
'Days without eating': Madagascar sees world's first 'climate change famine' - FRANCE 24
12-Oct-2021 14:01
Madagascar commits to joining Fisheries Transparency Initiative - SeafoodSource
05-Oct-2021 14:23
GIEWS Country Brief: Madagascar 28-September-2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
28-Sep-2021 07:00
Madagascar: Grand Sud humanitarian response dashboard (January - July 2021) - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
25-Sep-2021 07:00
Base scales up plans for Madagascar mineral sands project - Creamer Media's Mining Weekly
27-Sep-2021 07:00
Madagascar President urges tougher action on climate change - Africanews English
23-Sep-2021 07:00
Madagascar to gradually resume international air travel from Oct/Nov-2021 | CAPA - CAPA - Centre for Aviation
15-Oct-2021 04:32
United States Continues Comprehensive Support to the Government of Madagascar's COVID-19 Pandemic Response - US Embassy in Madagascar
22-Sep-2021 07:00
Madagascar Country Office: Humanitarian Situation Report No. 3 - Reporting Period: 31 August 2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
20-Sep-2021 07:00
Kolos Madagascar begins importing cement and announces grinding plant plans - Global Cement
06-Oct-2021 07:00
Mining, Famine and Infrastructure: Good News and Bad in Madagascar - Future Directions International
28-Sep-2021 07:00
Madagascar: Indian community celebrates Navratri with Garba and Dandiya - ANI News
09-Oct-2021 07:00
Madagascar conservationists release 1000 critically-endangered radiated tortoises into the wild - RFI English
23-Sep-2021 07:00
Madagascar is set to welcome Britons - experience its exotic wildlife and colourful capital - Daily Mail
30-Sep-2021 07:00
Madagascar’s Treasures - The Daily Star
02-Oct-2021 07:00
Enormous Volcano Emerges After Underwater Seismic Show In Madagascar - News18
04-Oct-2021 11:55