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This is an automatically updated list of news articles via Google News:

GIEWS Update: The Republic of Madagascar, 4 August 2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
04-Aug-2021 11:39
Madagascar arrests generals over plot to kill President Rajoelina - BBC News
01-Aug-2021 22:05
Hybrid wind-solar-storage powering mine in Madagascar under 20-year PPA - pv magazine International
04-Aug-2021 12:05
Drought and Locusts Causing Mass Hunger and Misery for Children in Madagascar - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
02-Aug-2021 00:00
Humanitarian Partners Coordinate Efforts to Address Drought in Southern Madagascar - US Embassy in Madagascar
04-Aug-2021 13:22
Days in the life of Madagascar's magnificent Makira forest - Landscape News - Landscape News
04-Aug-2021 21:09
Madagascar Key Message Update: Poor production continues to drive high prices across the south, July 2021 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
31-Jul-2021 00:10
Climate change is driving the worst drought Madagascar has seen in four decades - The World
27-Jul-2021 07:00
Madagascar Famine is First Caused Entirely by Climate Change | Time - TIME
20-Jul-2021 07:00
Renewables-plus-storage projects for mining operations in Australia, Madagascar for BHP, Rio Tinto - Energy Storage News
02-Aug-2021 13:23
Malnutrition among children expected to quadruple in Southern Madagascar as drought worsens, warn UNICEF and WFP - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
26-Jul-2021 07:00
French citizen among six held over plan to kill Madagascar president -minister - Reuters
24-Jul-2021 07:00
IOM Madagascar Annual Report 2020 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
21-Jul-2021 07:00
These archaeologists helped quell a COVID surge in MadagascarYour browser indicates if you've visited this -
19-Jul-2021 07:00
Tanzania: Stars Aim Guns At DRC, Madagascar Targets -
04-Aug-2021 12:23
Out of the zoo and onto the stage: Madagascar the Musical opens in Wellington -
03-Aug-2021 19:26
Madagascar: Which oil company was contacted to finance the coup? - The Africa Report
27-Jul-2021 16:17
'Nothing left' for people in famine-stricken southern Madagascar - Global Times
28-Jul-2021 09:38
Madagascar's Drought Could Become Routine, Worse, Warn Climate Experts -
31-Jul-2021 12:56
German bishops appeal for Madagascar, plagued by drought, hunger - Vatican News
30-Jul-2021 16:13
MADAGASCAR: a geoportal alert against bushfires - AFRIK 21
22-Jul-2021 07:00
100,000 People in Southern Madagascar to Benefit from New US Government Assistance - US Embassy in Madagascar
26-Jul-2021 07:00
Weightlifting-Madagascar's Andriantsitohaina brothers achieve Tokyo dream - Reuters
25-Jul-2021 07:00
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting conservation efforts in Madagascar - The Conversation CA
13-Jul-2021 07:00
MADAGASCAR: CBE to supply solar and wind power to a Rio Tinto mine - AFRIK 21
28-Jul-2021 11:17
Reducing Child Stunting in Madagascar - World Bank Group
07-Jul-2021 07:00
Madagascar: Severe drought causes hunger crisis - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
23-Jul-2021 07:00
‘Nothing left’: A catastrophe in Madagascar’s famine-hit south - Al Jazeera English
23-Jul-2021 07:00
Breakthrough research examines the effects introduced animals had on Madagascar's extinct megafauna: Analysis reveals that extinct megafauna and domestic animals overlapped on Madagascar - Science Daily
27-Jul-2021 07:00
Madagascar Food Security Outlook, June 2021 to January 2022 - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
17-Jul-2021 07:00
Seychelles: World Bank earmarks $490 mn for Madagascar - Seychelles News Agency
23-Jul-2021 07:00
WHO statement on the clinical trial of CVO+ remedy - Madagascar - ReliefWeb
06-Jul-2021 07:00