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Ivato International Airport

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[[File:Ivato International Airport 001.jpg|600px]]
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-18.800053" lon="47.475014" zoom="17" controls="large" div style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">{{#display_map:-18.799632, 47.475282~'''International terminal'''~~;-18.79949, 47.474542~'''Domestic terminal'''~~;-18|type=satellite|service=google|width=auto|height=400|zoom=17|controls=pan, zoom, type, scale|copycoords=yes|icon=https://www.madacamp.80052, 47com/images/madagascar/Green_marker.47599png[[Travel Exchange]] (currency exchange)}}</googlemapdiv>
Ivato's international and domestic terminal are located next to each within two inter-connected buildings. Scheduled domestic flights to most major [[Madagascar Airports| Madagascar Airports]] are served by [[Air Madagascar]]. Additionally, various small airstrips exists around the country which are not served by Air Madagascar but which offer landing possibilities with [[Private Charter Flights|private air charters]].
[[File:Ivato International Airport 005.jpg|600px]]
== Visa ==
A [[visa]] can be obtained directly on arrival at Ivato International Aiport.
== Money exchange and Internet access ==
While several There is one currency exchange services can be found in service by the exit inside the international terminal, opposite and another by the exit inside the domestic terminal and across . Alternatively, for good exchange rates in the parking lot is city, go to [[Travel ExchangeNCH]]. Compared to other currency exchange services, major banks included, Travel Exchange consistently offered a slightly better exchange rate for Ariary in 2010 through 2014.
== Restaurants ==
A highly recommended lunch and dinner restaurant at the first cross road about 1km from Ivato in the direction of Tana is [[Mo Cafe|Mo Café]]. Mo Cafe is also a popular bar during evenings.
== Local area map ==
[[File:Ivato International Airport 003.jpg|600px]]
== Accommodation ==
* [[Assist Aviation]]
* [[Ravinala Airports]]
* [ ADEMA - Aeroports de Madagascar]
== Transport to/from the airport ==
* [[Tana Taxi Driver Richard Rakotobe|Taxi]] - the quickest but priciest option.
== Additional information [[Ambohimanga to Ivato trek|Ambohimanga to Ivato Internantional Airport trek]] == * [http://www.adema.mg5-6 hours trek trough the countryside starting at Ambohimanga Rova to Ivato International Airport == Photos /index.php?pageVideo =aeroport_antananarivo * View all [[Ivato International Airport photos]]
* [[Landing at Ivato International Airport]] - Cockpit View
* See more [[Ivato International Airport photos]]__NOTOC__

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