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Chocolate makers using Madagascar cocoa

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'''The three major Madagascar chocolate makers, which produce their chocolates in Madagascar using locally sourced cocoa are [[Chocolaterie Robert]], [[Cinagra|Chocolaterie Cinagra]] and [[Chocolaterie Colbert]], all produce their chocolates in Madagascar using only Madagascar sourced cocoa. Apart from these locally based companiesproducers, several various chocolate makers in various other countries also use Madagascan cocoa , but which have has been exported shipped to their the factory locations location where their respective chocolates and brands are produced and packaged.'''
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* [[Amedei]] - an Italian-based chocolate maker producing a bar with 70% cocoa content.
* [[Coppeneur Chocolate]] - a German chocolate maker which has a small cocoa plantation on [[Nosy Be|Nosy Be Island]].
* [[Domori Chocolate|Sambirano Madagascar]] - a 70% cocoa bar by the Italian chocolate maker ''Domori''.
* [[Eilles Madagaskar]] - a 37% cocoa milk chocolate by German chocolate maker ''Eilles''.
* [[Madécasse]] - a chocolate produced in Madagascar by ''[[Cinagra ]]'' and exported to USA, Canada and Germany.
* [[Excellence Madagascar Noir]] - a 65% cocoa based chocolate with a light vanilla flavour, part of Lindt's Excellence range.
* [ VAO VAO] - a chocolate produced in Madagascar by ''Chocolaterie Robert '' and exported to the US.
* [ Sambirano] - a 70% cocoa Madagascar bar from ''Rougue Chocolatier'' in the US.
* [[J.D. Gross Madagaskar|Madagaskar & Ambanja]] - a 46% cocoa milk chocolate and a limited edition 72% dark chocolate by ''J.D. Gross''.
* [[Madanga]] - a 39% cocoa bar made by German chocolate maker ''Rausch Schokolade''.
* [[Pierre Hermé Paris]] - a 75% Madagascar cocoa chocolate sold in France.
* [[Mangaro]] by Michel Cluizel is a 65% cocoa bar made in France with cocoa from the Mangaro plantation in the [[Sambirano|Sambirano Valley]].
* [[Sélection Masoala]] is a limited edition chocolate by Chocolatier François Stahl made with cacao grown in the Masoala hall of the Zürich zoo, an artificial rainforest resembling the real Masoala rainforest in north-east Madagascar.* [http://www.chocolatereviews.cotwentyfourblackbirds.ukcom/madagascarchocolate-bars/75-singlemadagascar-originlarge-darkbar.html 75% Madagascar] by Twenty-chocolateFour Blackbirds Chocolate.* [ madagascar-bar.html Pralus] - a 75% cocoa Madagascar bar sold in France.
* [ Thorntons] - a 32% cocoa Madagascar bar.
* [[Åkesson's]] - a dark bar made with cacao grown on the Ambolikapiky Plantation in [[Sambirano]].
* [ Madagascar 67%] by US bean-to-bar chocolate maker [ Snake & Butterfly].
* [ Amelia Rope Dark Mandarin] - a 69% cocoa chocolate made from single-origin Madagascar beans.
* [ Madagascar Tablette] - a 64% cocoa bar made by US-based ''Meeteetse Chocolatier''.
* [ L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates] - a 65-67% Madagascar cocoa bar.
* [] - Woodblock Madagascar 70% Bar - Portland, Oregon, US.
* [ Raak Chocolate] - NY-based chocolate maker which has a 75% [ Madagascar bar].
* [ Chocolaterie A. MORIN] - French chocolate maker, 70% bar.
* [ Sambirano Valley Chocolat] - Canadian/Malagasy producer of chocolate made with cocoa from Madagascar.
[[File:JD Gross 008.jpg|link=J.D. Gross Madagaskar|600px]]<br>
A 72% cocoa limited edition “Ambanja” bar by [[J.D._Gross_Madagaskar|J.D. Gross]]
== Additional information ==
* [[Madagascar cacao|Exporters of Madagascar cocoa]]
* [ ''Madagaskar: Die Schokoladen''] reviews of Madagascar chocolates on the German chocolate tasting site []

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