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TALIO Guesthouse is located right at the beach at the end of Ampasindava village in the north of Madagascar. The house cannot be missed, as it has a very unique shape and is the only 2-storeyed stone building in the village.

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The guesthouse is run by Guillaume, also known as William, and his wife Antsa, who live with their two kids on the upper floor. On the ground floor is a private room for guests, bathroom and a large kitchen area. In 2018, the price for a one night's stay was 30,000 Ariary. Antsa, who is a very good cook, will prepare traditional Malagasy meals for lunch and dinner on request. A must are her delicious pancakes with honey for breakfast! Next to the house is a gazebo. With the toes stuck in the sand, guests can enjoy a drink and watch the ocean.

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Guillaume is a very energetic character full of ideas. He will arrange excursions to Ampasindava Courrier Bay, mangroves, to the nearby islands such as Nosy Hara, Windsor Castle or even Emerald Sea. Guests can go on a fishing trip with his catamaran or on a several day whale watching tour.

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Just off Ampasindava beach in about five metres deep water is the plane wreck of a Blackburn Roc fighter bomber.

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TALIO Guesthouse
Contact: Guillaume Pignol (also known as William)
Ampasindava Courrier Bay

Tel: +261 (0)32 28 982 52 (mobile)
Email: catagliders@gmail.com

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