Chocolate makers using Madagascar cocoa

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The three major Madagascar chocolate makers are Chocolaterie Robert, Chocolaterie Cinagra and Chocolaterie Colbert. Their products contain only Madagascar sourced cacao. Apart from these local producers, various chocolate makers in other countries use Madagascan cocoa exported to their factory locations where their final products are made.

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In cases the producer have exported whole cocoa beans from Madagascar, as opposed to pre-processed crushed cocoa, they qualify as "bean-to-bar" chocolate makers using Madagascar sourced cocoa. Some brands have been produced in Madagascar either by Cinagra or Chocolaterie Robert for export only and not sold locally. These brands, whether export only brands, bean-to-bar products or otherwise, are listed below:

  • Patric Chocolate - a US-based micro, bean-to-bar, chocolate maker.
  • Amano Artisan Chocolate - a US-based bean-to-bar chocolate factory making a 70% Malagasy cocoa bar.
  • Amedei - an Italian-based chocolate maker producing a bar with 70% cocoa content.
  • Coppeneur Chocolate - a German chocolate maker which has a small cocoa plantation on Nosy Be Island.
  • Sambirano Madagascar - a 70% cocoa bar by the Italian chocolate maker Domori.
  • Eilles Madagaskar - a 37% cocoa milk chocolate by German chocolate maker Eilles.
  • Madécasse - a chocolate produced in Madagascar by Cinagra and exported to USA, Canada and Germany.
  • Madagascar Noir - a 65% cocoa based chocolate with a light vanilla flavour, part Lindt's Excellence range.
  • VAO VAO - a chocolate produced in Madagascar by Chocolaterie Robert and exported to the US.
  • Sambirano - a 70% cocoa Madagascar bar from Rougue Chocolatier in the US.
  • Madagaskar - a 46% cocoa chocolate by J.D. Gross, sold in the German supermarket chain Lidl.
  • Madanga - a 39% cocoa bar made by German chocolate maker Rausch Schokolade.
  • Pierre Hermé Paris - a 75% Madagascar cocoa chocolate sold in France.
  • Mangaro by Michel Cluizel is a 65% cocoa bar made in France with cocoa from the Mangaro plantation in the Sambirano Valley.
  • Pralus - a 75% cocoa Madagascar bar sold in France.
  • Thorntons - a 32% cocoa Madagascar bar.
  • Åkesson's - a dark bar made with cacao grown on the Ambolikapiky Plantation in Sambirano.