Chocolate makers using Madagascar cocoa

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The three major Madagascar chocolate makers, Chocolaterie Robert, Chocolaterie Cinagra and Chocolaterie Colbert, all produce their chocolates in Madagascar using only Madagascar sourced cocoa. Apart from these locally based companies, several chocolate makers in various other countries also use Madagascan cocoa but which have been exported to their factory locations where their chocolates are produced and packaged.

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JD Gross 006.jpg Madanga 03.jpg Amedei 001.jpg

In cases where producers begin their chocolate production process using whole cocoa beans exported from Madagascar, as opposed to pre-processed and crushed cocoa, they qualify as “bean-to-bar” chocolate makers using Madagascar sourced cocoa. Additionally, some specially branded products are made and packaged in Madagascar by either Cinagra or Chocolaterie Robert for export only on behalf of resellers in other countries.

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The various brands using Madagascan cocoa, whether they are brands intended for export only, bean-to-bar products or otherwise, not including the main three local Madagascar chocolate brands, are listed below:

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A 72% cocoa limited edition “Ambanja” bar by J.D. Gross