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Madagascar is the world's 4th largest island with a total size of 587,041 km². Bad road conditions, large mountain chains and seasonal weather changes with extreme high temperatures, heavy rain fall and cyclons can make travelling by car throughout the country complicated and time consuming.

The country is dotted with airports, some are private and not much more than a grass strip, while some are paved and open for regular flight services. The local airline Air Madagascar operates 28 domestic airports covering most parts of the country.

Toliara Airport - Tulear

Airports operated by Air Madagascar

Location Airport Name IATA ICAC
Ambatomainty Ambatomainty Airport AMY
Ankavandra Ankavandra Airport JVA FMMK
Antalaha Antsirabato Airport ANM FMNH
Antananarivo Ivato International Airport TNR FMMI
Antsalova Antsalova Airport WAQ FMMG
Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) Arrachart Airport DIE FMNA
Antsohihy Ambalabe Airport WAI FMNW
Belo Belo Sur Tsiribihina Airport BMD FMML
Besalampy Besalampy Airport BPY FMNQ
Fianarantsoa Fianarantsoa Airport WFI FMSF
Mahajanga (Majunga) Amborovy Airport (Philibert Tsiranana Airport) MJN FMNM
Maintirano Maintirano Airport MXT FMMO
Mandritsara Mandritsara Airport WMA FMNX
Manja Manja Airport MJA FMSJ
Maroantsetra Maroantsetra Airport WMN FMNR
Morafenobe Morafenobe Airport TVA FMMR
Morombe Morombe Airport MXM FMSR
Morondava Morondava Airport MOQ FMMV
Nosy Be Fascene Airport NOS FMNN
Sainte Marie Sainte Marie Airport SMS FMMS
Sambava Sambava Airport SVB FMNS
Soalala Soalala Airport DWB FMNO
Tambohorano Tambohorano Airport WTA FMMU
Toamasina (Tamatave) Toamasina Airport TMM FMMT
Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) Tolagnaro Airport FTU FMSD
Toliara (Tulear) Toliara Airport TLE FMST
Tsaratanana Tsaratanana Airport TTS FMNT
Tsiroanomandidy Tsiroanomandidy Airport WTS FMMX

Sainte Marie Airport
Sainte Marie Airport
Toliara Airport
Toamasina Airport
Tolagnaro Airport
Fascene Airport
Amborovy Airport
Amborovy Airport
Morondava Airport
Arrachart Airport
Arrachart Airport
Ivato International Airport

Airports served by Air Madagascar

The map indicates domestic airports served by Air Madagascar. The airline changes the flight schedule from time to time, so not all airports are open for flights during the entire year.

Madagascar Airports 001.jpg

Airports Madagascar 001.jpg Sainte Marie Airport 001.jpg Sainte Marie Airport 002.jpg Toliara Airport 002.jpg Toamasina Airport 001.jpg Tolagnaro Airport 002.jpg Fascene Airport 001.jpg Amborovy Airport 001.jpg Amborovy Airport 002.jpg Morondava Airport 001.jpg Arrachart Airport 002.jpg Arrachart Airport 001.jpg Ivato International Airport 001.jpg Airports Madagascar 001.jpg