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'''Ambatoharanana is one of the many small villages located in the hilly countryside of the Merina region, 27 kilometres north of [[Antananarivo|Tana]]. Due to its idyllic and peaceful surrounding, Ambatoharanana is a very nice destination for day excursions by foot or bike. Suitable starting points are [[Ambohimanga]], [[Merimandroso]] or for a longer trek [[Ivato International Airport]].'''
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The museum displays items of the first missionaries, such as clothes, a still playing gramophone with records, slides, typewriter, baseballs and bat and original correspondence between the king and the bishop. The walls are covered with photos of Malagasy bishops including the 1st Malagasy bishop who studied in England. A Madagascar map from 1889 is supposed to be the first map ever of Madagascar.
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Just next to the Library Building and surrounded by large eucalyptus trees stands the ''Saint Paul Chapel''. This Anglican chapel as well as the Library Building were built by missionaries under the guidance of Reverend F.A. Gregory (English). Rumours say, that slaves from Mozambique helped with the construction of the buildings. In 1882, St. Paul Chapel was inaugurated and is until today open every Sunday for church goers.
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A few steps from the church, on the other side of a garden, one can find the ''Saint Paul Primary School'' and ''Saint Paul Secondary School''.