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Especially in northern Madagscar, the kola nut is a popular natural energizer. The nut, which is bitter in taste and rich in caffeine, is either chewed directly or prepared as tea - thé kola.

The-cola 001.jpg

For a thé kola the nut is peeled, sun-dried and thereafter pounded. The nut powder is boiled with water and poured through a sieve. To neutralise the bitter/sourly taste, the tea is mixed with plenty of sugar and/or sweetened condensed milk. For a litre of tea one needs about five kola nuts.

Best thé kola throughout Madagascar

Madame Juliane in Diego Suarez
-12.297087, 49.298571

Near Ambanja direction Bemaneviky
-13.725203, 48.478543

Madame Soaluis in Marotolana
-14.025978, 48.614772