Zoma Market

This is a place only in a name in recent years as the market has left its original location to spill into adjacent streets and to Independance Avenue, completely disfiguring it. Over the different eras of its history, Antananarivo had maintained an image of a dynamic and hardworking city as evidenced by the existence of its market place which changed its appearance over the years: it was initially confined and clearly defined within the new spaces taken from former paddy fields and marshes of the plain from 1897, although since the reign of Radama I (1810 - 1828) it had been located in the hills in vicinity of the currents site of Ambohitsorohitra Palace.

Over the years, the Zoma Market was transfered to Analakely in with its pavillions and their thatched roofs. The huts have given way to large white parasols, which are folded at the end of each day.

Text from Passport for Madagascar - 81st edition, March/April 2014