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Akany Avoko Faravohitra is a home for girls and young Malagasy women located in Antananarivo. The home was founded in 1963 after extensive flooding in Madagascar's capital. Over the last years, the large house standing high on a hill has fallen into disrepair. But since September 2015, Mrs Ivelohanta Randrianarimalala is leading a project to re-establish the home for the girls.

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The name Akany Avoko Faravohitra can be translated with Akany meaning centre, Avoko is the name of a flower from Madagascar and Faravohitra is a suburb of Antananarivo.

After a lot of work and effort by Mrs Randrianarimalala and her team and supporters, the home officially opened its doors on 15th March 2016. However, the children's home still faces further renovation works and running costs. Therefore donations are very much appreciated. It costs about EUR 40 a month to sponsor a child for care, food, shelter and education. Whilst some girls attent school, others are educated in handicrafts. Their products are for sale in a small souvenir shop on the location.

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Mrs Randrianarimalala is a lively personality with a big heart and passion for her work. Herself having grown up in an orphanage she soon knew she wanted to work with kids and therefore took an education in social work. At the moment (November 2016), the children's home has seven permanent staff and always welcomes new local and international volunteers taking care of the approximately 50 children.

Address / Contact details

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Akany Avoko Faravohitra
Mrs Ivelohanta Randrianarimalala
Lot II J 9 Faravohitra ambony

Tel: +261 (0)33 1268659 (mobile) or +261 (0)34 1168659
Email: contact.avoko@gmail.com
Website: www.avokofaravohitra.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Akany-Avoko-Faravohitra-1623081794632698
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