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Description: All people and especially caregivers (doctors, nurses, etc.) or those around a patient (family and loved ones) can take homeopathic prevention once a day in addition to the hygienic precautions and recommendations mentioned elsewhere. To fully understand this need, it should be remembered that the laws of homeopathy have an analogy with how a vaccination works (see homeopathy and science). So by giving a homeopathic remedy called nosode, the body seems to receive antiparticles (memory) from the germ and develops antibodies to repel anything similar and therefore to protect itself from the disease. A bit of history, during the influenza pandemic of 1918-1920 (Spanish flu) which killed several million people (500 million infected cases), people protected themselves as best they could and some resorted to homeopathy to prevent from the epidemic and came out unharmed. The remedies most used were GELSEMIUM, BRYONIA and EUPATORIUM in high dilution.

Traditional use: Homeopathic remedy called nosode which allows the body like the vaccine to create or stimulate specific antibodies to protect itself from viral disease. It is a basic and ground treatment to strengthen the natural defenses. In prevention for the long term.

Ingredients: Gelsemium, influenzinum, bacillinum, diphterinum, aconitum, arsenicum album.

Dosage: 1 capful in a little water once a day, otherwise 2 times a day if you have to go out regularly.

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