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Bob has been working in the Mahajanga area for more than 10 years and has experience organising many different tour types. He can takes tourists to the ocean with a modern motor boat or traditional pirogue

Tel: +261 (0) 32 42 079 47 (WhatsApp)

Tour Types

  • Sightseeing tours - Anjohibe, Mahafanina Waterfall, Ambalakalanoro Forest and site of strange erosion phenomenon, Katespy lighthouse, Arabic Ruins nearby Mahajanga, Hot Springs near Mahajanga.
  • Fishing tours - Fishing / Spear fishing trips that can be 1 to 5 days long, camping on the beach with a campfire and visiting historical sites and areas of natural beauty along the way.
  • Bird Watching tours - trips to nearby natural parks and forests for bird watching
  • Caving tours - Caving trips in Anjohibe, accessing lower levels of the cave usually inaccessible to tourists