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La Paillotte - Chez Jo is a very nice bungalow hotel and restaurant in Ampandrozonana just outside the town of Sambava, on the north-east coast of Madagascar.

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The property is located off the main road in a quite tropical garden with the beach nearby and seven minutes by foot from Sambava Airport. The hotel has four bungalows separated by many plants and trees, such as various palms, mango and lychee.

Welcoming service team: Chyntia, Anouchka, Dorrettea (guest), Made, Fabrio.

Directions to the beach: Turn right when exiting the entrance of La Paillotte and after about 130 steps turn right past Villa la Joroda. After another 220 steps, where the road splits, turn right again. After another 450 steps, where the road curves slightly to the left, just continue between some properties and huts along the wooden fence with the 'propriete prive' sign. A less than a 15 minute walk in total and 460 steps later you are on a most beautiful beach (S 14°16.802' E 050° 11.278').

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If walking right and along the beach after about 500 steps a tall palm tree (S 14° 16.987' E 050° 11.364') provides necessary shade for the hot afternoon sun. Although the beach is not ideal for swimming due to the mostly big waves, here is a perfectly good place to dip in. The kitchen team at La Paillotte are happy to prepare a beach picnic for you and your party and even help you carry it here.

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The price for a bungalow is 41,000 Ariary a night (2015).

La Paillotte - Chez Jo
Ampandrozonana - Sambava
Route de l'Aéroport Sambava

Tel: +261 (0)20 88 998 94 or +261 (0)32 21 221 21 (mobile)

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