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Le Phare is a Bretange-style crêperie in the Isoraka district of central Antananarivo. The menu has a full range of crêpes available for lunch, dinner and desert, prepared according to authentic recipes from the coastal region of Britanny in northern France.

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Classical Buckwheat Crepes

Nature or ½ salted butter
Ham or cheese
Egg & cheese or egg & ham
Ham & cheese

La Bigoudenne
Smoke streaky bacon – egg – cheese – onion compote

La Complète
Ham – cheese – egg

La Super Complète (with salad)
Ham – cheese – egg – mushrooms – tomatoes – onions

La Soubise
Onions or leeks & cream fondue

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Rustic Buckwheat Crepes

La Végétarienne
Crushed tomatoes – cheese – parsley & garlic garnish

La Chabichou
Creamed spinach – goat cheese

La Phare Ouest
Chopped steack – tomato sauce – onions – cheese

La Tartiflette (with salad)
Potatoes – Reblochon cheese – onions – cream – streaky bacon

La Chamonix (with salad)
Potatoes – Raclette cheese – bacon – cream

La Chaumière
Potatoes – Munster cheese – smoked ham

Classieuses Crepes

La Compagnie des Indes
Minced chicken with curry cream – cashew nuts

Minced beef with paprika & tomato sauce

La Fest-Noz
Cheese – Camembert – ham - basil

La Super Forestière (with salad)
Perfumed mushrooms – ham – cheese – béchamel sauce

La Florentine
Creamed spinach – ham

La Malouine
Cheese – streaky bacon – goat cheese (with salad & walnuts)

La Cancalaise
Roquefort cream – walnuts – salad with streaky bacon

La Saint Lunaire
Cheese – tomatoes – Camembert – basil

La Brocéliande
Mushrooms – cream – streaky bacon - parsley & garlic garnish

La Dinardaise
Leeks – cream – ham – egg

La Basquaise
Spicy chicken with pepperoni

La Limousine
Boudin – onions – apple fruits

La Paimpolaise
Andouillette mustard sauce – onions

Les 3 Fromages (with salad)
Camembert – cheese – goat cheese


Salad – tomatoes- onions – goat cheese – black olives

Salad – tomatoes – ham or chicken – cheese – hard boiled egg

Salad – tomatoes – green bean – potatoes – tuna – hard boiled egg

Salad – tomatoes – green bean – chicken – salt cured duck breast - crouton

Wheat Crepes


Sugar or nature
½ salted butter & sugar
½ salted butter – sugar – lemon
½ salted butter – sugar – shredded coconut
Melted chocolate – toasted almonds
Salted butter caramel
Melted chocolate or Nutella
Honey – lemon

Les Gourmandes:

Almond cream – vanilla ice cream

La Leelou
Nutella – Smarties

La Sixtine
Caramelised apples with salted butter – vanilla ice cream – toasted almonds

La Margotte
Caramelised bananas – melted chocolate – chantilly

Salted butter caramel – vanilla ice cream

La Joséphine
Orange jam – melted chocolate

La Mont Blanc
Chestnut – vanilla ice cream – chantilly

Les Flambées

La Suzette
Orange jam flambé with Grand Marnier

La Normande
Caramelised apples flambé with Calvados

La Course du Rhum
Caramelised bananas - raisin flambé with rum

For Kid’s under 10 years old

Classical buckwheat crepe (in the choice)
Sugar or chocolate or Nutella wheat crepe
Or 2 scoops of ice cream
Soft drink or cider without alcohol (pear or apple)

Ice cream cups

2 scoops of ice cream (in the choice)

Banana Split
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream – banana – whipped cream

Café or Chocolat Liegeois
Chocolate or coffee ice cream – chocolate or coffee sauce – whipped cream

Strawberry (according to the season) or Peach Melba
Vanilla ice cream – fruits – whipped cream – almonds

Sunday Caramel
Vanilla ice cream – salted butter caramel - peanuts

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Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11.30am to 3pm and for dinner Wednesday to Sunday from 6.30pm to 10pm.

Le Phare, Crêperie Bretonne
14 bis rue Belgique

Tel: +261 (0)20 26 232 28 / +261 (0)32 86 856 84 (mobile)
Email: lephare@orange.mg

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