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Ivato International Airport

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While several currency exchange services can be found in the international terminal, opposite the terminal and across the parking lot is [[Travel Exchange]]. Compared to other currency exchange services, major banks included, Travel Exchange consistently offered a slightly better exchange rate for Ariary in 2010 through 2012. The [[Aerocyber]] internet access point can be found next door.
Good restaurants can be found in both the domestic and international terminal terminals but not inside the flight departure area after the check-in counters. Alternatively, an outdoors garden restaurant can be found opposite the parking lot, close to the petrol station, as well as a restaurant and cafe directly at the petrol station. For those with three or more hours between connecting flights, a visit to the nearby [[Croc Farm]]in a small park on the other side of the runway is recommended. There is a A good restaurant in the park which has with crocodile burgers on the menu! can be found in the park. A taxi should take about 10 -15 minuteseach way.
== Accommodation ==

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