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The small restaurant Gargotte Le Lagon, also known as Chez Martha, is located directly at the beach of Ramena. Guests can enjoy delicious Malagasy meals, whilst sitting with their feet in the sand overlooking the beautiful bay.

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The restaurant offers a basic menu. Due to its location so close to the ocean, Gargotte Le Lagon is specialised in seafood. A handwritten board suggests various meals prepared freshly from the catch of the day, such as calamari with garlic or grilled fish on a stick.

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The restaurant is managed by the Malagasy owner Martha with the help of her French partner Mathieu. Every six weeks Mathieu takes a six weeks break from his work in Angola to relax in Ramena and to assist running the restaurant, during which time not only Malagasy and French is spoken but also English.

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Martha and Mathieu offer boat excursions to the Emerald Sea and since 2018 with a new speed boat, also providing quick and easy transfer to snorkelling spots, such as in front of Cap Miné Lighthouse.

Gargotte Le Lagon
Chez Martha
Bar & Restaurant
Ramena Beach

Tel: +261 (0)32 6595344 (mobile)

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