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Ilafy is a village and commune in Madgascar with approximately 13,000 inhabitants. Ilafy is considered to be one of the twelve sacred hills of the ancient Merina Kingdom.

Ilafy is the nearest hill to Antananarivo and was the capital of King Andrianjafy, who was the maternal uncle of Nampoina. It was there that Jean Laborde made his first gun, shortly after his arrival, in association with another Frenchman, Droit, who was already working there in about 1832 on behalf of Queen Ranavalona I. (Text by Isabelle Ratsira)

Ilafy Rova

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GPS Coordinates
Google: 18°51'15.2"S 47°33'56.5"E
Garmin: -18.854216, 47.565706

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