Maevatanana (Ambanja)

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Maevatanana is a common name for villages in Madagascar. This Maevatanana refers to a village and commune in the Ambanja district in the northwest of Madagascar.

Maevatanana Ambanja 005.jpg
Maevatanana Ambanja 005.jpg Maevatanana Ambanja 006.jpg Maevatanana Ambanja 004.jpg

The village is located near the Sambirano River. At the village entrance coming from Bemaneviky there is the private school Bonne Chance and a small hospital (Tobim-Pahasalamana = "Camp of good health").

Maevatanana Ambanja 018.jpg
Maevatanana Ambanja 020.jpg Maevatanana Ambanja 021.jpg Maevatanana Ambanja 022.jpg
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GPS coordinates
Google: 13°52'52.4"S 48°31'34.8"E
Garmin: -13.881228, 48.526334


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