Marine Hotel

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Located in the northernmost part of Diego Suarez town centre, at Rue Richelieu, is the magnificent but much ruined Marine Hotel building. Although the building is more and more falling apart, the ruins still emanate former glorious times.

Marine Hotel 001.jpg
Marine Hotel 002.jpg Marine Hotel 009.jpg Marine Hotel 003.jpg
Marine Hotel 008.jpg Marine Hotel 005.jpg Marine Hotel 006.jpg

A sign next to the building reads:
Designed by Alphonse Mortages, the man who discovered the gold mines of Andavakoera, was once the best hotel in Diego for very long period of time. It was sold to the Bank of Madagascar in 1925, then to the French Navy thus becoming the "Hotel of the Navy", or "Marine Hotel" as people used to call it in Diego. It was later handed over to the Malagasy Navy in 1975 henceforth accommodating whole families and travelers until the 80s it was badly hit and damaged by the cyclone Kamisy in 1984, and is now offering nothing more than the splendid memories of its glorious past.

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