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Noor Hotel is a clean and comfortable hotel in the town of Ambilobe in the north of Madagascar. The two-storey building has an open yard and various terracces. Many of the rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, air-conditioning and TV.

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In 2017, the prices ranged from 40,000 Ariary for a room with double bed and ventilator to 70,000 Ariary for a room with double bed and air-conditioning.

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The hotel is located behind the Jovenna petrol station on the RN6. Unfortunately, the hotel has no restaurant, however soft drinks are available at the reception. A good restaurant also offering take-away is Paradis de la Mahavavy.

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Noor Hotel

Tel: +261 (0)32 69 410 80 (mobile) or +261 (0)34 44 452 48 (mobile)

Geographic coordinates
13.191957S 49.050087E

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