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Pourquoi Pas ! (meaning "why not" in French) is a small and informal lunch and dinner restaurant in the Isoraka district of Antananarivo with a European/Malagasy menu.

Pourquoi Pas 002.jpg

Fish carpaccio 13000 Ariary
Zebu carpaccio 13000 Ariary
Liver 13000 Ariary
Plate of cold cuts (ham, sausage) 13000 Ariary
Duck breast salad 10000 Ariary
Mixed salad 6000 Ariary
Tomato salad 5000 Ariary
Tomato salad with tuna 7000 Ariary

Main courses
Spaghetti Bolognese 11000 Ariary
Vegetable lasagna 11000 Ariary
Lasagna Bolognese 13000 Ariary
Chopped steak 13000 Ariary
Hamburger 13000 Ariary
Duck leg 13000 Ariary
Duck breast 15000 Ariary
Zebu filet 14000 Ariary
Zebu filet Rossini 17000 Ariary
Rib steak 16000 Ariary
Pave de poisson 14000 Ariary
Prawns 18000 Ariary

Goat cheese 6000 Ariary
Crepe with sugar 5000 Ariary
Crepe with chocolate 6000 Ariary
Chocolate fudge 7000 Ariary
Gourmet cafe 7000 Ariary
Creme brulee 7000 Ariary
Apple pie 7000 Ariary
Ice cream (2 scoops) 6000 Ariary

In addition to the menu, a board suggests the meal of the day. The drinks menu offers soft drinks, Malagasy beer such as THB (Three Horses Beer), rhum arrangé and various hot drinks.

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Pourquoi Pas !
31 rue de Russie

Tel: +261 (0)32 0254804 or +261 (0)32 6594320
Email: serge.dupuis0951@orange.fr

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