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The bungalow hotel Safari Vezo is located in Anakao, 40 kilometres south of Tulear. This coastal area is inhabited primarely by the Vezo people, literally meaning Fishing people. Safari Vezo opened in 1993 and was the first hotel in Anakao at the time. Although more hotels were built in this area, Safari Vezo is still the only hotel with all its bungalows directly at the beach, offering wonderful views onto the bay and the ocean. Due to its close proximity to the village, guests can enjoy both the village life as well as the beach life.

Safari Vezo reception building
Standard Bungalow
Standard Bungalow
Petit Suite
Restaurant building
Nocturnal mouse lemur
Spiny forest garden

The hotel has 15 Standard Bungalows and 2 Petit Suits. The bungalows lie hidden from each other in a garden with succulent plants, representing the flora of a typical spiny forest. The garden has attracted some nocturnal mouse lemurs near bungalow 6 and 9. After sunset these tiny, cute lemurs can sometimes be seen jumping through the trees in search for food. Due to the shortage of fresh water in this very dry region, Safari Vezo has no western style showers. Guests can however enjoy a quick cool down Malagasy style, with water supplied in buckets twice a day. The restaurant is specialised in seafood caught fresh by local fishermen. Besides the obligatory rhum arrangé, the bar also serves various cocktails, best sipped on the beach whilst watching the colourful sunset over the ocean.

Various activities and excursions can be organised directly at the hotel, such as a trip to the nearby islands Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana via a traditional sailing pirogue. Surfing can be enjoyed throughout the entire year, although the best waves are from April to September. For those who want to try some kite-surfing, Safari Vezo will assist with equipment and advice. To see the beauty of the countryside, a trip to the Lake Tsimanampetsotsa is recommended. Located 60 kilometres south of Anakao in a national park, this immense salt lake is home to a large colony of pink flamingos. From July to October humpback wales pass the coast of Anakao beyond the reef on their way to their breeding waters.

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Safari Vezo has its own boat transfer via speedboat for up to 12 passengers leaving from the office in Tulear. Alternatively, Transfert Anakao will stop directly at Safari Vezo.

Safari Vezo

Tel: +261 (0)20 94 413 81 (Tulear) or +261 (0)20 94 919 30 (Anakao)

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