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The village of Ampokafo is located along the old "smuggler's path" connecting Maroantsetra with Antalaha. Just next to the village is a river, ideal for bathing and washing as there is no running water in Ampokafo.

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The village has several shops, a church, a school and two very basic hotels, of which Hotel Esperante might be the better choice. At the east end of the village is a cinema, showing mainly action films. The owner also recharges batteries against a fee.

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Ampokafo is not only an important resting stop for hikers crossing the Masoala Peninsula from Maroantsetra to Antalaha, also for hikers coming/going to Cap Est as the trail splits at the village.

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Hotel Esperante
simple rooms, 5.000 Ariary per room (2014)

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GPS Coordinates
S 15°15.372'
297m elevation


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