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Anjahankely is a village in north Madagascar with a population of about 100. There is one shop, three restaurants and a primary school. The village is named after a tree named Zahanakely with edible fruits which grows in abundance in the area.

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At the far northern end of the village is Clarisse‘s restaurant. Although the inside area is a bit crammed, there is a nice seating area under a mango tree outside. Clarisse prepares delicious meals on pre-order, such as beans in coconut sauce with rice grown in the valley.

A restaurant and bar in combination with a shop is just at the western entrance of the village. The owner, Madame Osna, is also the Director of the school. There are about 84 children attending one of the five classes. The children do not only come from Anjahankely, but also from the close surroundings.

A short distance from the village is the Anjahankely Tree Nursery managed by the FANAMBY NGO. The tree nursery which exists since 2006 plants about 30,000 trees a year.

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