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CENT pour CENT is a Malagasy company producing quality handicrafts made 100% in Madagascar. The company was founded in 1995 by Didier Fontaine and operates three stores in Tananarive: Cent pour Cent, Gasific and Sucrè Salè. Its head office and workshop is located in the easily recognisable Gasific building midway along the Ivato International Airport - Antananarivo route.

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CENT pour CENT employs a network of up to 120 skilled craftsmen who manage their production schedules at their own pace while quality and deadlines are being closely observed. While in the past Cent pur Cent's original products included handcrafted wooden scale model ships, today, most of the products include handmade basketry, placemats, various fashion accessories and souvenirs using natural materials such as raffia, sisal and zebu horn.

The company has exhibited its handicrafts at various international trade fairs, such as Maison et Objects (France), Salon du meuble (France), Muba (Switzerland) and Decorex (SA).

Another business part of the same company is Reseau Plus, which offers the design, display and distribution of promotional business cards in major airports and hotels across Madagascar.

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Founder and Export Manager: Mr Didier Fontaine
Basketry Manager: Mrs Bodo Fontaine
Local Sales Manager: Mr Njaka Razafimahery
Basketry Department Assistant: Ms Lanto
Administration and Accounts: Mr Willian Razafindrahaga

BP 3637
Imerinafovoany, Antananarivo

Tel: +261 (0)20 22 695 53 / +261 0(20) 22 444 24

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