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Hôtel des Thermes is a grand colonial style hotel in Antsirabe overlooking the city's lake Rano Maimbo with its famous thermal baths. The hotel grounds covers an area of 4 hectares and includes a huge garden and a swimming pool.

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The hotel has 26 club rooms and 4 suites, a bar, restaurant and pool. Activities include tennis, bowling, mini-golf, fitness, pool, spa and massage service. Various excursions can be arranged via the reception.

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Hôtel des Thermes
Place de l'Indépendance
Antsiraba BP 72 100

Tel: +261 (0)44 487 61 or +261 (0)44 487 62
Cellphone: +261 (0)32 05 262 66 / +261 (0)33 07 262 67
Email: sht@moov.mg

Website: http://www.sofitrans-sa.com/activites-principales/hotellerie-restauration/hotel-thermes-antsirabe


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