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As the name indicates, Hôtel de la Plage is a beach hotel located at the southwestern coast of Madagascar at Ambolimailaka, about 40 kilometres north of Tulear. To one site the hotel faces the Ifaty lagoon and to the other site the dry spiny forest with its baobabs.


Hôtel de la Plage offers the following activities:

Deep Sea Fishing Whale Watching Birding
HDLP fish.jpg
HDLP Whale.jpg
Madagascan sparrowhawk 001.jpg
Kite Surfing Diving Quads
HDLP Kite.jpg
HDLP Scuba.jpg
HDLP Quad.jpg
Spear Fishing Horse Rides Bar
HDLP spearfish.jpg
HDLP Horse.jpg
HDLP bar.jpg

And as if this is not enough :

  • All inclusive excursions to the surrounding areas
  • A most magnificent tidal pool with coral reefs
  • Friendly efficient staff who wants you to enjoy your time with us
  • Help with Transfers, flight bookings, special requests, etc
  • A reliable WIFI connection
  • PADI qualified diving instructors
  • The restaurant is growing in its acclaim for its affordable yet tasty meals
  • The bungalows offer a sea view, with the sound of the surf in your ears as you lie down for a rest

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Hôtel de la Plage
Ambolimailaka - Ifaty
BP 397
601 Tuléar 1

You can contact us in French, English, Malagasy or Afrikaans!
Tel: +261 (0)20 94 906 92 or +261 (0)33 37 346 63 (mobile)