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ITC Lodge consists of 24 individual bungalows and a campsite in a lush, green and flowery garden with a view of the Isalo National Park. In our gardens you will find several types of trees, plants, birds, reptiles and amphibians of which several are endemic to our region. All our bungalows have a private bathroom (toilet, shower and sink) and hot water. Soap & towels and mosquito nets are provided.


In the center of town there is a 90 degree bend in the main tarmacked road (RN7). From there a paved road will lead you past the mayors office & main square (on your left), police station, M.N.P. Park office (both on your right) and to ITC Lodge. From the bend in the road to ITC Lodge is approx 150 meters; a 3 minute, down hill, walk. If you are travelling by public transport and arriving during the day you will be dropped off at the general busstop close to the bend in the road. If you are arriving at night, you will, for security reasons, be dropped off at the police checkpoint. As this is a little bit further from the hotel, you can contact us by phone (034 17 850 44) and we will come and pick you up (free of charge). For those coming by car; free and secure parking is available on the hotels private parking, next to the reception.

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ITC Lodge offers a laundry service and the reception has a lounge and TV area. It also has a small library/bookexchange with books and magazines in several languages as well as a large selection of board games. Tourist information is available at reception and reservations can be made for a relaxing massage, for your onward journey, either by bus or by private car or for a visit of one of Ilakaka's Sapphire mines. The reception also holds a small boutique with light snacks, refreshments and souvenirs.


As Ranohira lies in a semi dessert area, ITC lodge chooses not to have a swimming pool. There is hardly sufficient clean (drinking) water available for the local population and the hotel management finds it therefore not correct to "reserve" hundreds of thousands of liters of water (10m x5m x2m = 100.000 liters) in swimming pools in the various hotels, while the local population suffers. Especcially since tourist high season is in the dry season which also happens to be wintertime, so water is rare and the water in the unheated swimming pools is fairly cold and hardly usable for swimming. If you want to freshen up after your hike, take a quick shower instead. ITC Lodge has its own watersource and any excess of water is made available for the needs of the local population.

ITC Lodge's management is member of and closely cooperates with the associations; "Soa Zara" and "le Village".

Association le Village aims to develop the region and improve safety and healthcare in Ranohira and its surroundings and has, amongst other things, constructed the Ranohira hospital, donated an ambulance as well as a small fire truck and fire fighting equipment.

Association Soa Zara has as goal to protect the fragile ecosystems in our Ihorombe region. Due to large scale deforestation (for fire and construction wood) and the consequent erosion of the soil, our part of the region has little by little become semi dessert and rivers, once full with fish, have dried up. Animals, such as lemurs, have retreated inside the National park, where their habitat is protected but they lack living space to expand their families. Association Soa Zara intents to reverse this dessertification process by protecting the few remaining forests by (1) planting trees for use as fire and construction wood next to villages as well as (2) planting trees to repair forests and recreating natural forests where they have disappeared and thus creating new habitats for the endangered wildlife.

At the same time the association is creating a rehabilitation center where lemurs, that were once held as domestic animals or caught for lllegal export but were fortunately seized by the government, can get used to living in the wild again. Association Soa Zara has its tree nursery on the hotel compound and runs the hotels campsite. Please feel free to visit.

In the season of april 2018 to March 2019 Soa Zara and their partners grew and planted close to 80.000 trees. If you want to help us by sponsoring and planting trees or want to make a donation, please contact Soa Zara through the hotel reception or by email:


The cozy onsite restaurant offers continental breakfasts, lunch (as well as packed lunches) and dinners


On the hotel grounds you will also find "MomoTrek"; the specialist for your treks and hikes in the Isalo National Park and Makay mountain range. All necessary equipment is available, from tents to cooking materials as well as porters, cooks and guides.

We wish you a pleasant stay!


Tel: +261 (0)34 17 850 44


+261 (0)32 44 187 90