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The hotel La Case en Falafy is located in the centre of Ramena village, 18 kilometres north of Diego Suarez. The main and original hotel ground offers a very good restaurant, bungalows and a swimming pool. Close by are newer bungalows and a swimming pool with a view over the bay. There is also an annex on the beach close to the pier.

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La Case en Falafy is where most tourists visiting Ramena stay. The owner Bruno and his wife Lala take great care of their guests and are always very friendly and welcoming.

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Lala, an avid kitesurfer, offers kitesurfing lessons and excursions from the hotel to some of the kitesurfing hotspots surrounding the area. For further information, visit La Case en Falafy Kitesurf.

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The name of the hotel can be translated as follows: Falàfa is Malagasy and means "wall panels made of Traveller's Palm stalks". La Case en Falafy is therefore a house made of such panels.

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La Case en Falafy
Chez Bruno
Ramena - Diego Suarez

Tel: +261 (0)32 0267433 (mobile) / +261 (0)20 8290754

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