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Madanga is a chocolade brand with 39% cocoa from Madagascar and is one of several chocolates in the “Plantagen” series made by the Rausch chocolate company in Germany.

Madanga bar by Rausch

While the marketing of the Madanga chocolate has been used in a context of advertising chocolate made from a single source plantation in Madagascar named Madanga, this was fictional marketing. Madanga is the name of a project that supports, together with Rausch and the Malagasy Government, a farmers cooperative made up of several individual farmers, i.e. not one single plantation named Madanga.

Rausch confirmed to German media in November 2012 that the cocoa produced as part of the Madanga project does not fully meet the demand for the Madanga production (see blog 30 Nov 2012). However, all cocoa used in Rausch's Madanga product line has been confirmed by Rausch to originate from Madagascar.

Additional information about the Madanga project on Rausch's homepage can be found at

Rausch Schokoladen GmbH
Charlottenstraße 60
10117 Berlin

Tel.: +49 5171 9901-0

Additional information

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