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Marotolana is a common name for villages in Madagascar. This Marotolana refers to a larger village and commune in the Ambanja district in the northwest of Madagascar.

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The village is located in a valley in the middle of a wide open plane and with mountains in the further distance. There are several well-stocked shops in Marotolana. At the northern end of the village is a Primary School and a College of General Education (Collège d'Enseignement Générale).

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There is no official hotel in the village. Those planning to stay for the night in Marotolana should ask for Madame Soanette, who rents out her private room on the upper floor of her house for 15,000 Ariary (2018). Madame Soanette will also prepare dinner after joining her on a shopping tour to the market. For the best Thé kola visit Madame Soaluis near the market.

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A 20-minute walk takes one to a wonderful natural swimming pool near the Sambirano River. The pool is quite deep, suitable for swimming and usually full of kids in the afternoon.

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GPS coordinates
Google: 14°01'29.4"S 48°36'52.2"E
Garmin: -14.024824, 48.614506


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