Nosy Managabe Excursion

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This tour offers adventurers to explore the Nosy Mangabe island and gives flexibility and ease to travel some of the most fascinating and remote destinations on earth.
4 days & 3 nights


Nosy Mangabe: Visit Dutchmen Beach to see the rock inscription by Dutch sailors, Betsimisaraka tomb, observe Black-and-white ruffed lemur, White-fronted brown lemur, Antongil leaf chameleon, Climbing mantella, Common leaf-tailed gecko
Maroantsetra: Discover colourful Tomato frog
Farankaraina Tropical Park: Observe Aye-aye, Ring-tailed mongoose, Big-nosed chameleon

Tour description

Day 1: Maroantsetra - Nosy Mangabe (L/D)
After breakfast transfer by boat to Nosy Mangabe (20 minutes). If we are lucky we might see dolphins and Humpback whales during July until the first two weeks in September. Nosy Mangabe is a pristine lowland rainforest island of 5.20km² and the best place to see Black-and-white ruffed lemur and White-fronted brown lemur.
 Nosy Mangabe's reptile and amphibian fauna is equally dramatic; among others, there are countless colourful and photogenic frogs, chameleons and geckos. We may encounter the Panther chameleon, Antongil leaf chameleon (the second smallest chameleon in the world), Climbing mantella, Green day-gecko and the incredibly camouflaged Common flat-tail gecko 
sleeping on the tree trunk during the day.

Nosy Mangabe 001.jpg

Day 2: Nosy Mangabe (B/L/D)

We also visit Betsimisaraka tombs established in the middle of Nosy Mangabe. We will see ancient graves of the first inhabitants of the island and the rock inscriptions left by Dutch sailors during the 16th century on a beach named "Plage des Hollandais". Lunch at the camp. 
Dinner and night at the camp.

Day 3: Nosy Mangabe - Maroantsetra - Farankaraina Tropical Park (B/L/D)
Transfer back to Maroantsetra where we go for a short walk in town to search for the amazing colourful Tomato frog which is endemic to this region. Thereafter continuation to the jetty and boat transfer (2 hours) followed by a 1.5 hours walk on a good path to the impressive beautifully landscape of Farankaraina Tropical Park. Picnic lunch on the way. Usually, a Ring-tailed mongoose welcomes us. Night walk to observe the Aye-aye, Big-nosed chameleon, tailed frog, Brown mouse lemur,... 
Dinner and night in the camp.

Farankaraina Tropical Park 001.jpg
Farankaraina Tropical Park 002.jpg Farankaraina Tropical Park 003.jpg Farankaraina Tropical Park 004.jpg

Day 4: Farankaraina Tropical Park - Maroantsetra - Airport (B)

Early morning, transfer back from Farankaraina Tropical Park to the airport (4 hours). End of our service.



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