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Ampefy can be reached by [[taxi-brousse]] within a 2.5-hour drive (111km) along the good asphalt road RN2, starting at the taxi-brousse station [[Fasani Karan]] just 10km from Tana city centercentre. A ticket to [[Analavory]], from where the road to Ampefy splits, costs 10.000 Ariary. The remaining 10km from Analavory to Ampefy are a good walking distance, passing the various small villages of [[Miadanarivo]], [[Antanikatsaka]], [[Miarikofeno]], [[Maromena]] and [[Ankorndrano]].
Beside the typical food market, post office, library and a souvenir shop, Ampefy itself has no main attractions. Two cinemas show French films in intervals. Several hotels varying in style offer accommodation for the so-called Tana-Tourists as well as for the [[Vazaha]]'s. Almost all restaurants are specialised in seafood due to the abundance of fish from the nearby lakes.

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