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Ivato International Airport

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Good food can be found in both the domestic and International terminal but not inside the flight departure area after check-in. Alternatively, an outdoors restaurant can be found opposite the parking lot, close to the petrol station, as well as a restaurant and cafe directly at the petrol station.
For those with three or more hours between connecting flights, a visit to the [[Croc Farm]] in a park on the other side of the runway is recommended. There is a good restaurant, which even has crocodile burgers on the menu! Alternatively, for a somewhat more authentic Malagasy ''[[hotely]]'' experience, stop by [[Mitsinjo Box]], shortly before the road turns left into Croc Farm. A taxi to Croc Farm takes between 10 and 15 minutes.
A highly recommended lunch and dinner restaurant about 4km from Ivato in the direction of Tana is [[Mo Cafe|Mo Café]] (opposite [[La Gastro Pizza|Gastro Pizza]]). Mo Cafe is also a popular bar during evenings.

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