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Madagascar cacao

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'''Nearly all of Madagascar's cacao, including Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario, grows in the [[Sambirano]] region. Madagascan cacao is unusually non-bitter, making it especially suitable for making healthy and at the same time tasty chocolates and cocoa products with use of minimal sugar contents or entirely without sugar or other sweeteners. The peak harvesting seasons are between June and July and between October and November. '''
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'''There are few privately owned cacao plantations in [[Ambanja]], such as [[Millot_Plantation]]. Otherwise most cacao is produced by individual farmers along the Sambirano River. The particaular characteristics of Madagascan cacao derives from the soil. The Cacao is thereafter sold to chocolate makers in Madagascar or exported as raw beans or processed cocoa. Cacao/cocoa producers /exporters in Madagascarinclude:'''
* [[Chocolaterie Robert]]
* [[COCOMA]]
== Additional information ==
* [[Sambirano Cocoa Tour]] by bike.

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