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'''The small village of Ambodipont is located two villages south of [[Ampanavoana ]] in the eastern part of the Masoala Peninsula. The distance from the sea to Ambodipont is about one kilometre.'''
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Through the village leads a A wide sandy street road lined with coconut treespalms leads through the village. In the
village centre there is a large shop selling a bit of everything, such as
rice, drinks, sweets, soap, exercise note-books, cloths clothes and petrol. Next to the shop
are three bungalows offering basic accommodation.
[[File:Ambodipont 019.jpg|600px]]
Ambodipont has a public primary school, established on the 24th February 2009.
The people of Ambodipont live from farming (cloves) and fishing. Throuhgout the harvesting months
of September/October the cloves are picked from the trees and thereafter tried
on large mats in the sunsunshine. When the sun hits the cloves, an intense scent of
X-mas bakery is in the air.

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