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The next village south of [[Ratsianarana]] is [[Antsahambavy]] and the next village north is [[Ankiana]].
However, there is also a village about 4km inland of [[Ratsianarana]] which will be by-passed when taking the road closer to the coastline and which is a bit less distance when coming from the south. To take this shorter route, turn right at S 15°28.454' E050°25.923'. Additionally, shortly before this turning there is another small village appearing on Google's satellite map at 15°28'49.0"S 50°25'45.3"E (-15.480270, 50.429242). What is the name of this village? Anyone, please report it here.
'''Additional information'''<br>
* View all [[Ratsianarana village photos]]
* [[Maroantsetra_Antalaha_trek_around_the_Masoala_peninsula|Maroantsetra Antalaha trek around the Masoala peninsula]] - The village of Ratsianarana lies on the path sneaking around the Masoala Peninsula.

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