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Kimony Beach

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Kimony Beach is a great place to spend a day. Just bring some water, food and fresh fruits from the market place in Morondava - and if you are a [[Vazaha|vazaha]] plenty of sun lotion.
<div style="max-width:600px;">{{#display_map:-20.25305846153415,44.2964250673832~'''View of Kimony Beach from Space'''~~;|type=satellite|service=google|width=auto|height=400|zoom=14|controls=pan, zoom, type, scale|copycoords=yes|icon=}}</div>
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-20.255091" lonAdditional information ="44.298184" zoom="16" scale="yes" controls="large" style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">-20.298105, 44.268583</googlemap>View all [[Kimony Beach photos]]

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