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Ankify is a harbour in northwest of Madagascar. Ferries leave from the jetty to the islands of Nosy Be (30 minutes by speed boat) and Nosy Komba. Over the last years the harbour has been modernised and has now a shaded market for fruits and souvenirs, surrounded by many small restaurants.

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The prices for transfer between Nosy Be and Ankify range between 6,000 and 13,000 Ariary (2017). The 6,000 Ariary boat is a large but slow boat taking about 1.5 hours, the 9,000 boat is a bit faster and the 13,000 is a shared speed boat for up to 20 people. For those who do not want to wait until the shared boat is full, there are also private boats for 80,000 Ariary (prices 2017). At Nosy Be harbour, passengers will be greated by pushy ticket salesmen, who only function too be anoying and increase the price. For their service of carrying the passport to the ticket counter and calling a boat over, the 13,000 Ariary will typically raise to 20,000 Ariary. Passengers should ignore these middle-men, pass the gate and buy the ticket directly themselves.

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Nearby Ankify direction west are a few hotels along a beautiful stretch of coastline. The district capital Ambanja is located 22 kilometres from Ankify. The once bad road connecting Ankify with Ambanja has been tarred in 2011, but here and there huge potholes will slow down the ride. Nature lovers will enjoy a walk through the huge mangroves near Ankify.


Le Panoramique (3 rooms, 2 bungalows)
Tel: +261 (0)32 7532488 (mobile)

La Baobab
Tel: +261 (0)32 0720887 (mobile) or +261 (0)20 8650081/82

Ankify Lodge (8 bungalows)
Tel: +261 (0)32 4533461 (mobile) or +261 (0)20 8692611

Ankify Marina (7 rooms, 3 bungalows)
Tel: +261 (0)32 7490030 (mobile)

Antoremba Lodge (7 bungalows)
Tel: +261 (0)32 5662772 (mobile)

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