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Vaniala Miaro 003.jpg

Ingredients: Artemisia annua, neem, ravintsara, zahana, romba, mandravasarotra, rambiazina, ravi-papaye, kininimpotsy, talapetraka, voanenina, fanazava, ravimboafotsy, kelivoloina

Traditional use: Adjuvant treatment of fever and flu-like conditions, cough, hypertension and diabetes. Antiviral, anti-infection preventive and curative. Strengthens the terrain and the body's natural defenses.

Dosage: 1 infused dose in 1l of boiling water for 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day and 1 cup for children over 3 years, 1 cup for pregnant women over 3 months.

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