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Amboatany is a small, fortified village located on a hill near Ambohimanga, about 20 kilometres northeast of Antananarivo. In the centre of the village the sacred tomb of the Merina King Andriambelomasina can be found. Andriambelomasina was the grandfather of King Andrianampoinimerina.

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As Andrianampoinimerina was born in the auspicious month of Alahamady, the first month in the Malagasy year, his grandfather predicted royal destiny and oversaw his grandson's Merina education at Amboatany and later at the court in Ambohimanga. Today, Andrianampoinimerina is the most popular of the Malagasy kings, because Madagascar's unification was based on his territorial actions.

There are 74 people living in Amboatany (November 2013). The village has a church and a small school.

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