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Banana Rova is a restaurant with a small bar, lunch and dining room approximately 20km north of Antananarivo en route Ambohimanga, about ½ km before reaching the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ambohimanga Rova.

The Malagasy/French kitchen offers a weekly changing menu with fresh ingredients from its own spice garden and regional farmlands. In addition to the nearby cultural village of Ambohimanga, a stunning countryside awaits anyone wishing to discover the Merina highlands. Trekking and guided tours of Ambohimanga Rova can be arranged on location in combination with lunch or dinner. A small bungalow with modern facilities is available to guests wishing to stay overnight.

The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 10am and 5pm but can also open other days for special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings etc. Contact Sylvie Cournarie for reservations.

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Banana Rova
French and Malagasy cuisine
Lot 1 dd 07 Ankadivory
Ambohimanga Rova

Tel: +261 033 1488272 / 032 5644290

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