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Camp Tattersalli, also known as White Lemur Camp, is a nature lodge in the Daraina commune in northern Madagascar. The camp is named after the Golden-crowned sifaka lemur, scientifically named Propithecus tattersalli which can be found in the forest by the camp. Other lemur species in the area include the Greater dwarf lemur, Amber mountain fork-marked lemur, Daraina sportive lemur and the Aye-aye, although it can be difficult to spot.

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The camp is located at the foot of a small mountain close the Bekaraoka Forest in the Loky Manambato protected area. The nearest village is Mevatanana along the RN5 and the nearest larger town is Daraina (part of the Daraina commune in the district of Antsiranana).

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Above photos of Aye-aye lemur, P. Tattersalli white lemurs, Giant Striped Millipede, Mantella sp. Gravid frog, Uroplatus sp. leaf-tailed gecko by Sam Hyde Roberts. Video of P. Tattersalli white lemur by Daniel Berlin.

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Camp Tattersalli can be reached by car or motorcycle or even bicycle from Vohemar or Ambilobe. Alternatively, starting at Black Lemur Camp, the location can be reached by a long one-day trek from Anjahankely.

The camp is open from March to December. There are eight bungalows and the price p/night for a double bungalow is 100,000 Ar (2019).


Director of Sustainable Tourism
Lot 11K 39 Bis Ankadivato
Antananarivo 101

Tel: +261 (0)34 65 078 96 / +261 (0)32 63 223 23 / +261 (0)33 37 895 64


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