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January 2023: This hotel and restaurant is currently partially closed. Rooms can however be booked by special arrangement. The small bar is open daily.

Carrefour is a hotel, restaurant and bar directly at the beach in Sambava, offering guests spacious rooms in a relaxed environment amidst a beautiful garden. Situated in the centre of town, the hotel is within walking distance of several shops and restaurants.

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The hotel has in all 19 individually and tastefully furnished rooms over two floors with eight different room categories: 42m² Junior Suite (250,000 Ar), 30m² Chambre Privilège (170,000 Ar), 25m² Chambre Supérieure, 20m² Chambre Classique with air-condition (120,000 Ar), 20m² Chambre Standard with air-condition (100,000 Ar), 35m² Chambre Familiale with air-condition (120,000 Ar), 35m² Chambre Familiale with ventilator (100,000 Ar), 20m² Chambre Classique with double ventilator (70,000 Ar). Chambre Supérieure and Privilège have a secure safety box. A guard patrols the property throughout the night.

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The restaurant is open from 7am and serves Continental breakfast (15,000 Ar) or American breakfast (20,000 Ar) and meals throughout the day and evening with prices for lunch or dinner starting at 25,000 Ariary.

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There is an indoor restaurant with a small terrace that can cater to about 50 guests and a pavilion overlooking the beach with space for another 40 guests. Guests can also ask for a table setting in the garden or directly on the beach.

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All rooms are facing the garden, a highlight of the hotel, which includes among a wide variety of tropical trees, plants and fragrant flowers: A large breadfruit tree, evergreen all-year-round blooming Allamanda bushes, ginger lily (fleure de Longoza), coco and multiple other palms, Filao and Bonnet carré trees, also known as Bonnet d'évêque due to its fruit's resemblance to a bishop's hat.

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Another highlight is the beach, located a few steps away from the rooms, which is good for swimming both during low and high tide. The Filao and Bonnet Carré trees at the beachfront provide necessary shade throughout the day.

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Carrefour is a regular meeting place among vanilla traders since the location offers spacious meeting areas either in the restaurant or in the Badamier pavilion. Le Alamanda bar in front of the reception serves drinks throughout the day and evening. Additionally, the foyer has an area with a TV for watching the news, sports events etc. Importantly, the WiFi works well across the entire property even during the town's regular electricity cuts, as a generator (which cannot be heard since it's behind the property) kicks in within three seconds of a power cut.

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There are plenty of parking spaces in front of the property. The hotel is neither formal nor informal, making it perfectly Ok to stroll around in flip-flops or even barefoot. Bills can be paid in cash or by VISA.

Useful addresses within one kilometre:

Hotel Carrefour
Hotel, bar, restaurant and beach location
B.P. 53 Sambava

Tel: +261 (0) 20 889 2060


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